Supervision Tip: Make it Easy for the Kids

March 26, 2018


Most parents would agree that co-parenting is never easy, but just as it is difficult for the parents it is important to remember that it is especially difficult for the children. Here are some tips are what you can do to make the transition from one parent to the other easier on your children. 


Put your best foot forward in making sure that the children are able to see the other parent. Trying to make sure that you leave time in the children week to be able to have a visit and that you have grace with scheduling. Remember that it isn't just about the other parent seeing your children, it's also about the children being able to see that other parent. 

Respect the kids time with the other parent when they’re away. '


Let them know that they can be happy or excited to see the other parents but also it's okay if they aren't. 


Let them talk freely about what they’ve done, show interest and support.


When a visit is approaching, give your kids reminders to help them prepare mentally, offer to help them pack, remember important items for them 


Keep goodbyes short and try to minimize any destress you children might feel. It's important to be positive and reassuring  


Communicate about the rules and expectations for the children with the other parent, so that the children have a sense of unity from both parents. ex) If the rule is no sweets after 6 PM this needs to be consistent across the board.  


When your kids come back home, help them settle back in as easily as possible – this might mean giving them some space and quiet time, or doing an activity together.

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