February 14, 2017


In supervised visitation boundaries are one of the foundational pillars. Many different types of boundaries exist. Some are set by a court order while other are rules that At Indaba has. It is important to acknowledge that while boundaries can feel as if they are imposing on your parenting, they are there for a reason. For example one of the At Indaba rules is no gift giving except for holiday and birthdays because we believe it is more important that children build healthy relationships with their parents. Children can begin to associate visitation with getting gifts instead of seeing their parent. 
On the hand, as a parent, it is important that you can set boundaries with your children. Just because you are the visiting parent does not mean you have to say yes to whatever your child wants. It is okay to say, "No we can't play outside right now." Sometimes you are limited by the rules that are set and must also be able to communicate that to your children. 

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