Onsite Facilities

The Madison Park Facility is well stocked with Netflix Kids, Tablets, games, books, toys, and Arts & Crafts to ensure there are plenty of activities during visits.  

Updated April 2017

Free Wifi (Firewalled)

NETFLIX Kids Subscription 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Educational

Bluetooth Soundbars

Amazon Echo Dot (Amazon Music Subscription)
DVD The Cat in the Hat

DVD Aquamarine

DVD Babe


DVD Robots

DVD The Squeakquel

DVD Despicable Me 2

DVD Cars

DVD The Squeak Along

DVD Mean Girls


DVD Percy Jackson & Olympians 

DVD 17 Again

DVD The Prince & Me

DVD Surfs Up

DVD Whale Rider 

Game Monopoly

Game U.S.A Floor Puzzle


Barbie Doll House



Pixar- Cars toys

Pixar-Plane toys

Mega Lego

Thomas the Train Set  

Other Items
Color Marker
Coloring Book
Drawing Paper
Color Crayons

Game Candyland

Game Monopoly

Game Clue Jr.

Game Scrabble Jr.

Game Twister

Game Connect 4

Game Guess Who?

Game Spirograph

Game Apples to Apples

Game Battleship

Game Uno

Game Catch Phrase

Game Heads Up!

Game Trouble

Game Dinosaur World floor Puzzle

Game Glow in the Dark

Game Stars and Stripes

Game Stunt Derby Car and Launcher

Game Lase Maze

Game Pig 101

Game Playing Cards

Game Bounce Off

Game Bingo

Game Floor Puzzle

Game Bandaroos

Game 10 Game Set: Traditional Games

Game Catan Junior

Game Scrabble

Game Spider-Man 

Game Checkers

Game Operation

Game Hungry Hungry Hippos

Game Bounce Off

Game Monopoly Jr.

Game Operation

Toy Legos

Toy Building Blocks